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"Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Not sure how to get your name out there and show you ARE the industry leader? Then you need to meet with Chris Gunkle!!! He is a MASTER!!!"

− Evelyn Wheeler, VirtualSportsRecruit.com

"I would recommend this service to others - and I am! The process was simple, fast and most importantly the end result was achieved. Authors are good at one thing, delivering a great book or other written content but often times what we lack is knowing how to work within Amazon to take our books to the best sellers list. You know what you're doing!"

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trust in business

This One Thing Will Improve Every Part of Your Business

| Deep Thoughts | No Comments

What if I could sell you a magic formula for improving every part of your business from employee morale to marketing results and customer service? Would your ears perk up…

effective testimonials

How to Get Testimonials That Don’t Suck

| Deep Thoughts | No Comments

We all know (or should know) that getting and displaying testimonials is a huge part of marketing these days.  The problem with most testimonials is that they are too vague…

yahoo reviews yelp reviews

How Yahoo! Just Made Life Harder for Businesses

| Deep Thoughts | No Comments

In case you don’t know, Yahoo! has dropped the review function on Yahoo! Local pages in favor of integration with Yelp. I say that kinda sucks. For one, I don’t…

content marketing

How to Get Them to Listen

| Deep Thoughts | No Comments

Wait a gosh darn minute.  I thought you said today’s consumers don’t want to listen to us.  What gives? Okay, okay, you got me.  You’re right, but there’s more to…

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